Two Way SMS (Send SMS and receive auto reply instant)

Choose Keyword(Without Space (A-Z AND 0-9) Like LTE OR 2LTE):

CallBack URL(You will receive Income message And User Data):

Keyword will your SMS start word, Mean when your clients will sms to you, they type YOUR-KEYWOR MESSAGE, Callback url is your web page where you can mange your auto reply, set coding and Save income sms into your Database, You will receive Auto unlimited reply free, after 7 days your keyword will expire then you will never get that free keyword. only can buy ,

// START // This is php example coding you can use this in your webpage

$from = $_POST['sender']; // sender phone number

$keyword=strtok($_POST['text'] , " "); // Your Keyword

$message=strstr($_POST['text'] ," "); // Your Message

$message= trim($message," ");


if(strtoupper("$LTE[0]") == "TEST"){ // if any one Your keyword test

echo 'Your keyword is: '.strtoupper($keyword).' , Your Message is: '.strtoupper($message).' , Message From: '.strtoupper($from).''; // sender will receive This reply .

}elseif(strtoupper("$LTE[0]") == "SEND" AND strtoupper("$LTE[1]") == "TO"){ // When your clint will send KEYWORD SEND,TO

echo 'Your keyword is: '.strtoupper($keyword).' , Your Message is: '.strtoupper($message).' , Message From: '.strtoupper($from).' check '.strtoupper("$LTE[0]").'';


// END //